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Learning to play the ukulele is a great first step in learning about music and music fundamentals. These instruments can be purchased for a “song,” as it were, and present a great alternative to recorder or piano lessons. Many children in the U.S. learn to play the recorder in school as a basis for learning more music in the elementary school band. Ukulele for beginners would also accomplish this purpose.


Some who choose to learn to play music on a ukulele continue to play the ukulele even after they have learned to play other instruments because of its unique sound. So as a starter instrument and as an instrument that you enjoy hearing, ukulele for beginners is a great way to begin your music career.


For children, the ukulele as a beginning instrument is really great because of its size. The smallest standard size ukulele for beginners is the soprano ukulele and is perfect for the child’s hand. For older learners, a tenor ukulele is perfect as well because of the relatively low start-up cost.


While many would think that the cheapest $20.00 instrument would be the best ukulele for beginners, it is actually in the player’s best interest to start with an instrument that is a little better made than the souvenir type of instrument you might find for your $20.00. If you really want the beginner to continue to play, they need to be able to sound good on the instrument. The souvenir types of ukuleles are great for show but as a ukulele for beginners, they give little in the way of tonal quality making them not very pretty sounding.


For as little as $50.00 to 75.00, the beginner can learn to get a ukulele and actually get an instrument worth having. The small ukuleles, or the soprano ukuleles, are great beginning instruments, especially for children. However, many adults are learning to play the ukulele as well so the better size for them may be the tenor ukulele. It is more the size of a traditional guitar so their fingers may fit a little better on this size instrument.


There are several places to buy a ukulele for beginners. You can ask at your local music store but you may have a hard time finding a variety in the correct size for your beginner. A trip to Hawaii is always to be desired but…that might not be in the budget for a ukulele. However, there are several online music stores that feature ukulele for beginners that will give you an idea of price range and size. EBay is also a great place to get an idea on price.


Some stores have a ukulele for beginners as well as several accessory items such as a gig bag, a method book, a tuner, etc., packaged together. The method books run

between $10.00 and 20.00 so if you can find an all in one starter package with a quality ukulele, you will be heading in the right direction and get a good deal for your money.


Even if you have to start with a lower end ukulele, you can easily upgrade the ukulele by upgrading the string set and adding geared tuners. These simple steps will make a ukulele for beginners the perfect instrument for beginning musicians.


The best advice is, start with one of the ukulele for beginners that you can afford, learn to play and save your money to upgrade your instrument. Time spent learning to play an instrument, time spent playing for your friends and family, and time spent searching for just the right deal will be well worth it when you hear someone say, “I wish I could play an instrument like you do.”

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